Website Development

Website Development

Our development approach means we can offer engaging designs and attention-grabbing functionality. In addition we integrate with a multitude of online services, ensuring the highest standards, reducing the amount of paperwork and improving the customer experience.

We know that your company isn't exactly like everyone elses, so we don't want to shoehorn your way of working. We don't rely on others' plug-ins to make some custom feature on your website, so we know it'll continue working long into the future. Lastly, we build with the future in mind, if you think up some amazing new thing you site should do, we can build it in.

Integrate with:

1)Accounting software

2)Newsletter and marketing mailing and lists

3)CRM systems

4)Stock control

5)Third party software or systems

Content Management Systems

We are specialists in Content Managed Websites that allow your team to update your website quickly, easily and often.

Our best Content Management Systems (CMS) are the result of 5+ years of experience. We're always striving to make our websites more powerful and easy to use. The possibilities are endless.

We will build you a website you can update yourself, which will reduce the time you spend on maintenance and avoid having to pay for small changes in the future. Our code is written from scratch to strict industry standards and we pride ourselves on the high quality of work we produce.

With a best CMS, not only will you be able to update your website's content, but you will also be able to edit page meta data specifically for search engine optimisation (SEO), as well as simple installation of analytics software, giving you total control of your online marketing strategy.

A content management system, often abbreviated to CMS, provides an interface for editing content on a website. It allows users to easily edit copy, images and more without needing to know how to code. We have been creating websites powered by handwritten CMSs for more than 5+ years, and believe they offer a far better and refined experience than an off the shelf product.

What’s more, because we build so many content managed websites and get great feedback from our clients, it gives us insight and helps us create and develop new features that make the job even easier for our users.


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