IOT Application

IOT Application

The Internet of Things essentially talks about two “kinds” of devices. First, the ones that will be responsible for gathering and tracking data- such as the sensors, and, second, the devices that will perform some task based on what data gets read- such as alarms, locks, and valve actuators. These devices contribute to a massive amount of applications in industries and organizations.

A great deal of hype ensues when we pronounce those names together. But, can we help it? These two technologies are causing ripples in the business world. While many top blockchain technology companies say the combination is already deadly, others believe the fact is yet to be proven.

The IoT's increasing constellation of devices brings us to the obvious technology- the Big Data. Sensors capture data in real-time, and because of the gigantic nature of this information, there is a need to process it on-the-go, without having to store and capture the data- in certain scenarios.

Machine-to-machine communication is the basis on which the IoT applications find themselves. IoT product development efforts need to make room for the changing dynamics of any IoT system. The IoT solutions can be anything but static. Thus, this brings us to the concern of imparting intelligence to machines so that they know when certain parameters have shifted.


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