Software Development

Software Development

Nowadays every business is getting online so that everyone could reach and know about it even if they are far away. The best way to get this done is through websites. The technical term for preparing a website in Web Development. It deals with the intense coding part of the websites and comes after the Web Design part. It is vast because there are droves of languages that have been used under this such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Angular, Vue, React.js, etc.


When we are designing websites for clients, we often find that there is a lack of understanding when it comes to User Experience Design (UX). In this article we will attempt to clarify what makes UX design what it is and why it is important to understand it for your next web project.


A simple summary of User Experience Design is that it is an approach to design that focuses on understanding the needs, wants, and behaviours. The goal of UX design is to eliminate personal bias and create interactions designed to solve a user need. When done right, UX design considers variable user actions and makes sure that no aspect of the experience is unintentional.


The webpage that is created using HTML and CSS is just a static webpage and does not have a life to it. Now, to give it a life we add JavaScript to it using <script> ---- </script> tag.


Now, there are many PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Symphony, Laravel, etc., which have made the life of web developers easy as it comes with a set of libraries and hence reduce the coding work and saves time.


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